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Hi, my name is Luka Beridze, I’m from country Georgia, but for now I live in the United States and study addict ology in the University of Southern California. I want to tell the people who read this about my goals and the steps I had to take to reach them and be on the right way in my life. you see, the first reason that I am now living in California is my future profession, I wanted to work in the field of addiction since I was studying in the Tbilisi State University, I have a bachelors degree in psychology and this to disciplines have more in common than you can think, psychology studies the human behavior and the processes that are happening in the human brain, field of addiction is responsible for studying the cause of human addiction on drugs and many other things that cause a human being to not be able to function normally without it, internet goes in that list, because it is the most addictive product of modern technology, not only the individuals, but the whole world is addicted to it and it makes them dependant on something.

Mainly I wanted to study aspects of drug addiction, because it interested me the most, how a person becomes addicted to a certain drug, what effects does it have on the human brain and behavior and mostly I wanted to know what benefits could modern day illegal drugs provide to the human kind, there were certain precedents in history, when psychologists used drugs that are prioritized as schedule one drugs in curing wide range of psychological problems, Sigmund Freud used cocaine to treat his patients, LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide) was used in therapies in late 60’s and 70’s in America, without really investigating it’s potential, the government banned psychedelic drugs and the research on them was forbidden. Given the effects which this drugs induce in the human brain, one can theorize that it could help the mankind in defeating vast range of psychological disorders and that is why I became interested in this field, on top of that I am a regular drug user myself and can see the benefits of its responsible use.

Situation in Georgia regarding the views on drug use is mainly negative from the government, Georgia is considered to be one of the countries that doesn’t have a humane approach towards drugs and its users, someone can get as much prison time when caught with marijuana, as if they have done a very serious crime, like robbery or beating up someone severely. Georgian policy on drugs is more of an echo from the past years experience and unrealistic standards that the government of the Soviet Union had in its years. They declared that there were no drug users in the Soviet Union, therefore they didn’t have any official policy to treat or rehabilitate drug users, it was the other way around, high risk drug users and even people who used drugs as a means of recreation, were criminalized and put in jail. Such unjust outlook on drugs was adopted after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, when Georgia was an independent country and had no need to follow orders that were subjective. Subjective because Russian government still doesn’t have a rational policy on drugs, Russian drug users are mistreated and marginalized, therefore problems are continuing to arise in the population, for example there are more than 1 million people with HIV and thus Russia is in a serious risk of worsening it’s epidemic.

The Georgian government thinks that by criminalizing drugs, its dealers and users, they will eventually solve the problem in the country, but what they don’t understand is that drug use won’t go anywhere, no matter how much you oppress it, the government doesn’t understand the fact that it not only doesn’t work but does the opposite for people, ordinary people who are regular users or infrequent users are being criminalized and often put in jail, even if they are lucky to not receive a serious punishment, their history is still being messed up which makes it nearly impossible to start working officially. humanity has a big history regarding the drug use, people have been using various narcotics to either enhance their consciousness, stimulate their bodies, or just in means of recreation for hundreds of years and the fact that alcohol and tobacco is sold without any problems in stores around us is the proof that psychoactive substances have been around us for a long time. In the next article I want to tell you about my journey in the United States and my education, also I want to tell you a story on how I met a Georgian pop music singer Bera there and how I talked with him about the existing situation.



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Regarding The Free Online Games

Run 3 is a video game established by Addisonr and also released in 2011. The game showcases a scrolling, platforming type of shooter with an unique arcade feel. It is key-board and mouse regulated. If you have actually played Unreal Event, you’ll really feel a lot of similarities below. There are two plot-driven campaigns, each focused around a different in-game faction (one is humans and also the other is aliens). The human campaign is suggested to be the much easier of the two, giving different levels of difficulty to every campaign. There are also a number of different basic match types, consisting of Deathmatch, Elimination, Capture the Flag, Dominance as well as Juggernaught.


During the campaign, the Online Cubefield Free game is simply a sidescrolling shooter. You make use of the arrowhead tricks (alternatively the WASD tricks) to move, crouch and duck, as well as you make use of the computer mouse to point as well as click to shoot. As you play you acquire factors with which you can buy brand-new weapons and capabilities for fast suits or future levels.

The fast suits are perhaps one of the most addictive component of, and they’ll what’ll bring you back over and over. Deathmatch is a traditional kill-to-score sort of Play Tunnel Rush video game. You could play on teams or alone, and also whoever gets to the collection amount of factors first wins.

Elimination is kind of like Deathmatch, yet emphasizes survival as opposed to killing; each player starts with a collection quantity of lives. When all lives are shed, you not respawn. The last player of https://theimpossiblequiz.info standing victories.

Record the Flag is very conventional. You have a flag, and also your adversaries have a flag. Take their own and also bring it to your online to score, and quit them from taking your own as well as scoring with it.

Your goal is to hold the location down to score points. For every three seconds the point is held, your team will rack up one point until one group ratings the maximum number of points for that match.

When it comes to playing Return Man Game shooters of any type of kind, juggernaut will certainly be familiar for those of you that are well-experienced. One player is the juggernaut and also gets benefits to their damage and wellness statistics. The only method to score points is by coming to be the juggernaut and killing enemies; you become the juggernaut just by eliminating the present one.

Throughout games, you could switch buttons by pressing the designated tool switch (one to 7 on your key-board). Your default weapon, a pistol, is in the very first port, yet you can buy various other pistol-type weapons to place in that slot with credit reports earned by playing.

Tips And Also Tricks Relocating your arrow right away of the Top 2048 Games or the various other will certainly permit you to see further in that instructions. It’s really valuable when you’re aiming to stay in location and/or ambush adversaries.

You could win a lot more credit ratings by using a higher trouble establishing.

Attempt to time your powerup grabs at important times; absolutely nothing is worse than being unyielding yet having no one around to eliminate!

The in-game tutorial is a must.

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The video game showcases a scrolling, platforming type of shooter with a distinctive gallery feeling. As you play you obtain points with which you can buy new tools as well as capacities for future degrees or fast suits.

Throughout gamefudge, you could switch over buttons by pushing the assigned weapon switch (one to 7 on your key-board). Your default tool, a gun, is in the initial port, however you could buy other pistol-type tools to put in that slot with credit histories made by playing. Moving your cursor all the way to one side of the video game or the other will permit you to see better in that direction.